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Providing evidence based psychological treatment and consultation for medical professionals and other professionals who seek expert consultation for clinical and performance concerns related to their particular discipline.

Non-Pharmacological Pain Management

Physician Treatment

Pre-Surgical Evaluations

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment with mindfulness and acceptance based interventions is one of the most research and evidence-based treatments available for non-pharmacological pain management.  

We provide unique and  specialized psychological services for physician and medical students that combine our expertise in performance, evidence based treatments, psychoeducational assessment, risk assessment and behavioral medicine.

Comprehensive pre-surgical psychological evaluations for a range of surgeries with psychological and behavioral risk factors.

Ketamine infusion

Gastric Bypass

Physician Conultation

CBT Treatment

We provide consultation to physician and medical practice on mental health concerns of patients as well as behavioral medicine interventions to improve physician treatments and outcomes.

Cognitive Behavioral Treatment is one of the most research and evidence-based treatments available for lifestyle and health changes.  We use traditional CBT techniques as well as mindfulness and acceptance based treatments that have been shown to be effective.

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